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 St Mary Magdalene

in aid of churches and chapels in Shropshire

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St Cuthbert's


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This popular, National event takes place each year on the second Saturday in September, when cyclists, walkers and riders visit as many places of worship, of all denominations, as possible between 10 am and 6 pm.  The money raised through sponsorship and donations is divided equally between the participants' nominated church or chapel and the Trust, although the Trust retains the Gift-Aid element. 

County Organisers -
Angela and
Roger Hughes

R&S Treasurer -
David Crowhurst

2015 Registrations
209 churches or chapels have registered so far.  See link in centre panel.       
NB: rural
post codes may cover several addresses / buildings!

Forms for downloading are available now. Click here to access the folder.



Visit as many churches and chapels in your area
as you can on

12 September 2015
10 am - 6 pm
Cycle ..... walk ..... ride .....  drive ...  your choice

200 barrier broken!

Click HERE to see the latest list of churches and chapels which have registered for the event on 12 September

If you need any of the forms you can download them via the Forms Page by clicking HERE

Now is the time to start preparing!  Will the Hadnall team do it again??

The 2015 Ride+Stride official launch at St Alkmund's Church
(Image courtesy of the Shropshire Star)

You can either
ride ...

or stride ..

for the ...

Shropshire Historic Churches Trust

to help your church or chapel


Why not get your sponsors to use

as well as Gift Aid.  It's really worth it


Everything looks set for another good year with over 200 Shropshire  churches and chapels open on the 12th September for our Ride+Stride national event.  Our target this year is to raise 30,000.

Hopefully you will see our big advertising banners dotted around the county (images, below), kindly sponsored for us by Cooper Green Pooks, estate agents in Shrewsbury.  We want to advertise the event as much as possible and get more people taking part and more people sponsoring them ...both equally important!

Teams are already getting ready for the big day, and individuals too, with a few people using their cars to help them get around; not all of us are able to walk between rural churches so filling up a car with friends and riding and striding makes sense.  We even have a pub hosting a very successful team (looking at last year's contribution!): the Kangaroo Inn at Aston on Clun. 

We launched this year's Ride+Stride in July with a photo shoot outside St Alkmund's in Shrewsbury (see image above) with a lovely open-top 1928 Bentley; an 1881 Penny Farthing; the Town Crier, Martin Wood; Father Mark Chadwick from St Chad's; and Ben Porter who helped us hold up the banner.  The Shropshire Star photographer covered the event and we had good articles appear in both the Chronicle and The Shropshire Star, all very helpful in reminding people what we are all up to... please join in.

If this is your first time in taking part and you need help in any way, do please contact us; meanwhile enjoy planning your route from the list of churches and chapels ready to welcome you on the day, many offering refreshments and a welcome rest!  

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors this year: Arrol and Snell Ltd, Morris & Co Ltd, Wace Morgan and Cooper Green Pooks, with their generous donations helping towards reducing our costs. Thank you very much.

Angela and Roger
Ride+Stride County Organisers

    Rod and Phoebe Walker at Cressage         Numerous congregational supporters at Donnington Wood

Barry Robinson, Alex Wallace, Andrew Pearce and Christopher James at the Kangaroo Inn, Aston on Clun

2014 Results!  What an incredible result: 24.578 raised on 13 September by riders and striders, so a very big thank you to participants, sponsors and donors for helping us raise this magnificent total.  Please click here to view result details and here to see the review and images.  

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